UPCAT Review Guide: Making the Difficult Easy

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June 9, 2017
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UPCAT Review Guide: Making the Difficult Easy


Year by year, the Philippine’s State University, the University of the Philippines, holds it’s annual UPCAT( University of the Philippine College Assessment Test) to determine the students that would qualify to become part of the university’s freshman batch for that upcoming year.

UPCAT PASSERS: BARELY 1/4 of the population of examiners

It is a known fact, all around, that the UPCAT exam is tremendously difficult to pass and only a limited number of students qualify to the university. This is especially based on the fact that thousands of students every year apply for the UPCAT exam but barely a fourth of the population that enter the passing lot. Imagine dedicating one whole day just to be able to finish the exam. Even then, there are many reports from students that they weren’t able to finish the exam and some decided to guess the answers for the sake of finishing.


The university follows the right-minus-wrong grading system. One mistake equals -0.25, one correct answer equals 1 point and no answer has no point. Many advice for students not to place answers in the questions they do not know or are not sure of the answer to. On my opinion and experience, however, I say, Do your best to answer every item with all you’ve got.  Sure or not, there are means of figuring out or making an “intelligent guess” of the best possible answer for each question. Doesn’t mean you have to ride yourself shotgun though, don’t bet your future on guesses either. Guess only if necessary. A .25 deduction on your final grade may make your score lower than what you already have but not choosing an answer would lessen the probability of you getting a higher grade if, by chance, the answer you guessed was correct. You would’ve lost a point compared to losing a fourth of a point.


Most take paid UPCAT reviews offered by review centers to help them in preparation for the upcoming exams. For those who have no idea when review centers would be starting their reviews, you should all know reviews have already started since last March. Some review centers have already finished their reviews but there is still a large number who continue to conduct different review sessions and batches. The best review center I would advise would be Review Masters. Not only the people from Manila can avail UPCAT reviews but even the people from Mindanao can as well. Reviews are not online conducted in classroom-based environments but also online. They got good promos at affordable and reasonable prices. They even offer online exams along with their online based lesson discussion. They have a large number of UPCAT, ACET, USTET, etc. passers throughout the years. Click on this for more info on the pricing and review offers of Review Masters.


Nothing beats the old fashioned self-study. It is good to take reviews from review centers to know the range of topics that would be contained in the UPCAT exam however, effort must always be taken on your part. It goes two ways and not only one. You must be diligent in studying for you to become part of the success you wish to achieve.  Study at your available or free times but never fail to study for your final year in high school. Even if you pass the UPCAT but fail high school, it would be useless.


This is a large problem during exams. Insecurities of “have I studied enough”, “is my answer correct” or “would I pass” constantly bug our minds. However, instead of thinking about these ridicoulous doubts, focus on what’s important to you- passing. Focus on what you can do to be able to pass instead of linger on the insecurities, focus on the good possibilities.

If you dont have problems in your confidence, stay humble. Humility is one of the key factors in passing. Keeping a humble mind allows you to be relaxed mentally and spiritually instead of continuously competing for success. Know how good you are but keep in mind that you aren’t the only smart coconut shell in the country/ world.

Have faith. Whoever God/god you may believe in, whatever religion you may have or may not have, have faith. Always keep in mind to pray and believe. The faith keeps your mind stable and livens up your mental way of thinking.


To pass the UPCAT, there are many factors and not just the results of the exams. They also consider your grades in high school, character, family status (for scholarships), and other factors. Follow the rules stated and required by the university, fulfill the requirements and be up to date in passing your papers on or before the deadline. It is better to pass them before the deadline though, to prevent problems in your papers or conflicts due to the longline of applicants.


All in all though, I wish you all goodluck in the upcoming UPCAT exams and processes. For any questions, you may mail me: divispeaks@divispeaks.com, catatonicglass@gmail.com, comment on this post, visit my facebook or twitter page and message me. Key factors to pass are also patience and perseverance.


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