June 7, 2017
The Village of Many possibilities
June 9, 2017
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Jane Hawkings , 13 years old , has a life worth envying for . She has the looks, the friends,the brains and the luxury. Fun right?Nope.

Enter Justin Wright to the story. Playful, Obnoxious, her .Arrogant and well, sort-of Good-looking, he can get everything he wants. That changed when he met Jane. She’s different. He never knew why but he grew to her.The down fall about it though is that Jane doesn’t feel the same way or not?

Add some other complications, problems and love triangles to make their lives harder. What would it sum up ? Find out as we venture in their story that everyone has yet to see.

The story of their friendships loves and well, of course, the story of their Love Untold.

Let us all watch it unfold.

I shall be posting the edited version of the Love Untold Series here, which I have first published in Wattpad.com as Caren Haeyl Vinid.

Expect new twists to the story you haven’t seen before and be once again intrigued by the love of Justin and Jane.

1st book in the Universal Gang Romances

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