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June 9, 2017
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The One Millisecond Life


Writ With Passion: Catatonic Glass

Carrow Horslought lay in the midst of the white cottony sheets of the hospital bed, his body numb from pain with tears muffled on the background – all voices wailing in agony as the monitor beeped rigorously having all the doctors and nurses rushing into the room to checking his vitals.

He felt his right hand lifted, a rough palm enclosed itself around his soggy wrists, checking for a heartbeat as his lids fluttered barely open trying to make sense of his surroundings. He could hear the voices; he could feel the people all around him but his eyes only showed a bright white light, engulfing him. He then closed the slits of his eyes for he was not used to the brightness of the light.

“His eyes moved,” the sound of his 34- year old daughter said, gasping for breath, hopeless and greatly fragile from the scene before her. He could not see her nor identify where she was but he knew, that tears were greatly spilling down her pale white cheeks flowing downwards to her heart- shaped jaw; her eyes red and bloodshot probably from the constant crying. He heard ruffling and he knew then and there that his daughter had fallen to the ground, knees downwards as her brother held her close, wrapping his arms around her with his hands caressing her back to sooth her but it did no good. She cried louder and the monitor’s sound beeped higher.

Carrow’s heart constricted at the agony his children were feeling. He only had two kids, a boy, and a girl. They were adults now, both are now well-known professionals in their chosen field. His daughter with honey-colored hair and green eyes. She grew to be the complete epitome of her mother, full- shaped and curvaceous on the right edges; she was slender for her job required her to be so, modeling has strict requirements when it comes to weight and size. It was admirable however that even after giving birth to three children of her own. His son was a lawyer, with his intense black orbs staring so intently at everyone in the courtroom, his opponents cowering in fear before him. His son was too serious that deep inside his heart he grew worried about what his son’s future would be – all alone without any wife and family to stay with him.

His wife is now long gone, had gone into the beyond 3 years before, her life taken away before her eyes by a sudden car accident – only he had survived. He missed her badly and wanted to be with her but he was in between the struggle of leaving his children and having rest at last.

Suddenly, his heart started drumming in his ears beating faster and faster and he could hear the faint sound of his heartbeat slowly grow louder and louder at every second until the sound just stopped and he heard his daughter scream and wail in agony while his son, exhaled with a shaky breath. The monitor’s beeper then started beeping,” beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep” and continued on and on. He felt the doctors rush nearer towards him, lifting up the hem of his hospital clothing and a pair of cold rectangular shaped metal was placed on his chest. The waves of electricity crackled within him, his chest moving upwards yet all the other parts of his body remained in place.

He then tried to open his eyes, prying it wide open but was only engulfed within the empty white light that he saw the last time he opened his eyes. He felt himself being drawn away – far away from his bed and the tears slowly dripped down his cheeks.

The old and frail man who lay down a big white hospital bed was no more – an IV line was not dripping down within his body and a monitor did not lay on his bedside. Rather, he was a small, fragile, newly born child with a few strands of auburn colored hair and dark obsidian orbs that sparkled as he smiled.  As Carrow opened his eyes, having to see new surroundings, with a shining bright light enticing his eyes – something new to him after being enclosed within his mother’s womb for 9 full months, his eyes met a blue colored ceiling.

Blue, he wondered,  how was I able to distinguish it?

Innocent and unaware of what is happening around him, surprised to even become associated with words.

“Is that him?” a soft and serene feminine voice echoed from a distance and butterflies flew within his stomach. A smile formed on his innocent face and a giggle escaped his soft red lips.

A female with the same obsidian orbs he had moved towards him, her eyes filled with tears and her hands resting on her lips as her lips opened with a gasp as she saw him. A man, with brown colored hair and clear blue eyes, a narrow crooked nose and pear shaped face walked beside her, his left arm wrapped around her waist as he looked at him once before bringing his lips to kiss her forehead, smiling. She wrapped both of her arms around the man and rested her head on his chest as they stared at him, smiling.

She let go of her husband a few moments more and leaned in close to Carrow. Fear formed within Carrow as she leaned in close, his heart speeding up faster with a pace that terrified him. His brows crunched together and tears flowed, his cries echoing around the room.

“Shhhh, sweetheart, mommy’s here, don’t cry,” she then spoke, her words trying to calm him down and he could notice from her voice that she was both nervous to his response and also curious.

The female placed her hands comfortingly around his chest and his crying stopped, opening his eyes once again to stare at her. Her touch was soft and gentle, it brought him comfort and joy.

I like her,  he thought, knowing that he would truly get along with this female.

A smile then came back to him and she did as well, replacing the worried look that she wore when he was crying.

“Look here, our little bundle of joy had sprung his beautiful smile to us,” the man beside her started and Carrow moved his orbs towards him, studying him. “Aint that right, son?”

The female whom called herself mommy laughed, hitting him lightly on the chest which made him grin. Carrow giggled at them and the couple looked at him, admiring him. She slowly lifted him up, enveloping him under the web of her arms, cradling his small body around her arms and beside her chest. As she carried him, she swayed back and forth, dancing all around and he couldn’t help but squeal in joy. He felt so carefree and at peace, wanting that moment to stay.

He was then a few months older, and the scenery was different. He was sitting down on a mattress, looking at his father and mother as they were at the very edge of the bed, encouraging him, “You can do it, honey, come over here .”

His dad nodded at him, smiling and he looked at his hands once, studying it and trying to make sense of what they wanted him to do. He saw his father press his hands on the mattress and push himself forward against the bed to straighten his knees and he saw him stand taller. With big orbs, Carrow stared in wonder and amazement. He tried it himself, pushing his hands forward against the mattress and attempting to lift his legs upwards and her mother squealed in delight and excitement.

“There he goes, he’s gonna do it !” her mother cheered, excited as they both waited in anticipation for him to fully stand.

As he pushed himself, he felt his knees shake and his eyes widened as his face fell first down back into the mattress. Hurt and ashamed of himself, he started crying, ashamed that he disappointed his parents and that he failed.

“Honey, look here, it’s alright, you can do it, let’s try again . “  his mother encouraged him and he felt like he could do it a second time. Once again, he pressed his hands against the mattress more firmly this time and he then finally could feel his legs straightening and       a few moments more, his upper body was higher than how he usually was and he started moving his legs forward towards his parents and her mother stood up, starting to jump  up and down the floor, clapping furiously as her and his dad smiled widely , proud .

When he had finally reached the end of the mattress, his dad swiped him off his fit, lifting him up in the air, and he laughed, joyfully.  His father kissed his forehead and exclaimed, “You’re amazing, son .”

The sound of birds chirping as the sun shined brightly above the sky overwhelmed his ears, as his footsteps echoed along with all the chatter around the area.  Looking around, he was very much nervous to start his first day in high school – not knowing how to face the next stage of his life. He grabbed the black colored in-ear headphones he had in the back pocket of his blue jeans and lifted it up towards his ears, unlocking his phone as he played his favorite song, “ Trip to California “

Pacing forward towards the campus, inattentive of his surroundings as he was more so paying attention to the music rather than the area. Flyers of paper then suddenly fly all in front of him, surprising him, only to have him notice a female yelp in pain. He looked back, taking his headphones off and assisting the female whom was sitting on the ground as she tried to pick up the papers on the floor. As he was helping her,  their hands suddenly met as he attempted to pick up the last sheet that had fallen to the ground. Both lifted their heads and he came in close contact with the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen – dark on the very edges and corners of her irises while the inner part of it glowed. Her honey colored hair was curled up in a slightly messed up bun, a few strands falling down her face. Her lips were full and pink, slightly opened, surprised by their sudden contact. He pulled back, both embarrassed and shy at their meeting, standing up to offer her the papers that fell . Smiling at him, her green eyes sparkling with hidden humor and admiration, she accepted it and breathed, “Thank you, Carrow.”

He raised his eyebrows yet she only offered a nod towards the direction of his chest where he saw his identification card hang in place. Looking back up, the female was nowhere to be seen, already walking away from the scene, a smile playing on her lips. He was surprised, however, that he was still holding one last sheet of paper with a name and number written on it.

Samantha Reese, 0987xxxxxxx

College came and he grew more focused in his studies. The female he met from the past in freshman year, was not but only a distant memory that flashes in his mind only once in a while. After graduating at the top of his class in high school, he became determined to pursue college with good scores and ratings – aiming to be the best businessman there ever will be. As he sat there, on the small brown bench in the middle of the University’s Park, he felt a presence beside him. Looking up towards his left, he saw the same honey-colored hair he had seen before but now it was loose and flowing freely downwards. She faced him with a smile and said, “I believe that it took a while before we had any proper introductions. “

His heart lurched in place from her smile and he couldn’t help but have a grin form on his face, as he accepted the hand she reached out and shook it.  She pulled him forward, having their faces close to each other as she had her orbs stare intently towards his obsidian ones. Carrow’s heart raced within his chest speeding up so fast, he thought he would die. He was not aware of what he was feeling back then but he knew it was something very interesting.

“Samantha,” he started but she only raised her eyebrows and grinned at him, pulling back as she laughed. “ I can see you’re a shy one. “

Years after, and he never knew that the same female he met in freshman of high school and his senior in college would mean to him more than just a random stranger. Blunt, confident, beautiful and elegant as she was, she had truly captured his heart.

Wrapping her arms around his back, she held him close with her chin on his shoulders and stood on her tip toe as she whispered,”Guess how many hell spawns we getting ?”

With his eyes widening in surprise, he looked at her only to see her have the same devious smile she always wore every time she plays her games of trouble – his witty wife. “A baby?”

She shook her head. “Babies.”


She just smiled at him and he couldn’t help but scream in joy, lifting her up all around the air with the both of them laughing at each other.

The scene once again changed as it had been the past few times- different place, different time, different events. Now, he and his wife stood in the green meadows of their backyard, standing beside the tall Narra tree that they had planted a few years ago as they watched their kids run around with their dog on the farther end of the garden, laughing at each other as they tried to play tag.

Their kid then suddenly dashed towards them, pushing the both of them onto the ground and he and his wife stared at their son and daughter, admiring them.

He then felt his presence being pulled and he was back to the scariest and most terrifying moment of his life.

As he and his wife were riding the car, on the way back home to their kids, jamming to the music in their radio as they danced to the beat, a truck honked at them. Carrow thought it was because the truck was rushing –  little did he know however that the pedal of the truck was broken – not until it slammed against their car, having their vehicle spiral upwards into the air and fall back down upside down to the ground, fire burning on its bumper while the truck was toppled against a tree with its driver heavily bleeding . His vision became blurred and he tried grabbing his wife to save her but his consciousness slowly slipped away – becoming helpless.

He found himself laying in the hospital bed with his two teenagers staring at him with bloodshot eyes. He sat up, looking at them with confusion as he asked, “Kids, where’s your mother?”

His daughter looked away, tears then once again streaming down her face. His son, however, had his knuckles tighten as he informed Carrow of the bad news, “Dad, she died last night while you were in surgery from the shattered glass that entered your body .”

“She’s gone?”


She’s not, his consciousness screamed and he was pulled back into the white emptiness he was in a while ago, all the memories of his life rushing back into him. His female was there at the very end of the room, smiling at him as she wore a white cottony dress and bare feet.

“Samantha,” he breathed her name like a prayer.

“It’s time, love.” She informed him but it only made him frown, “Time for what?”

“You’ll see, “ she replied, turning her back away from him and he ran towards her, not wanting her to go.

“No ! Don’t leave me !!! SAMANTHA !!!”

His eyes then flashed open and he was back in the hospital bed he was in a few moments ago. No sounds could be heard though and the whole room was quiet, and he wondered where his son and daughter where. Looking up to his front, he saw a black shadowed figure float above him and his eyes widened in surprise with Death’s voice echoing in his ears having him hear the last two words he would ever hear.

“It’s time .”


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