Crepe & Cream: A Discovery for Your Taste Buds

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June 13, 2017
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Crepe & Cream: A Discovery for Your Taste Buds


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Ice cream has been around since the dawn of time and is a personal favorite of my taste buds. You can have me eat tens of gallons of ice cream and I wouldn’t budge. It is a childhood favorite that I can seriously say makes my childhood worth living. Ice creams come in different flavors from chocolate to raspberry, mint to strawberry or mango to the weirdest flavor of cookie dough. May this be the case, may it be summer or winter, ice cream would continue to be the best-selling treat to everyone.

Throughout the years, numerous innovations to ice cream have been made to make their product unique. Some have made cereal flavored ice creams, uniquely flavored ice creams, large bowl served ice creams, banana split ice creams and much more.

As I was strolling earlier this morning in Robinsons Manila, found in Ermita, Padre Faura, I was very much craving for my favorite treat and dessert- ice cream. I was considering just buying one in a few stores I usually purchase ice cream from, however, when I reached the second floor of the Robinsons’ Midtown Wing, I found people holding crepe in their hands scooping up what seems to be ice cream. My eyes became glued to the delicious treat in their hands, my mouth watering from delight. I then quickly purchased one, a strawberry flavored premium crepe worth 65 pesos! The price is worth it for its size and serving, mind you.

Here is a video I took of how they made their ice cream crepes:


It is a truly delicious treat. My taste buds couldn’t help but want to buy a second serving! I bought a mango premium crepe for my second try and I didnt get disappointed. The mixture of the crepe to the taste of the ice cream was just so good!

It had a soft and milky texture you cannot ask for anything else as a good dessert! You should try it out now, and find out for yourself just how deliciously tasty it is. ┬áIf you’re looking for something new to try and yet not going too much far out as to not be assured of the taste, you should try this as ice cream is a flavor no one can ever get tired of.

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