Being a Blogger: What matters most

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Being a Blogger: What matters most


Writ with Passion: Catatonic Glass

I usually write articles with long entrance lines to prepare the readers for what is to come swinging ideas from left to right, trying to have them travel around my globe of words before coming full circle. However, in this article, I wish to write to the point, in contrast to what I usually do. What matters most is how you do it. It is too often nowadays that numerous writers write for the dollar sign hanging in the air or because of the sense of duty circling around their ability to write. Producing content is not just about physically and mentally being able to write something. Writing is not just about words. It speaks about the matters of the heart.

Formal and Professional Articles: Matters to the Heart? How does it work?

It is true that it seems so off to hear a person say that you must write articles from your heart no matter how formal or professional you are required to write it. There are the different point of views from the first person, second person, third person or even the no-person POV. May any of this be the required viewpoint for you to write in, no matter what the requirement is, you must get the feel or be able to relate to what you are writing about. This requires a lot of factors to become successful.

1) Content is important

Now don’t get down your horses just yet out of exasperation. I may have said that how you do it is what matters most but we should always keep in mind that content is relevant to attracting readers to read your work. You cannot just mix up some number of words that you thinks makes sense for you to gain readers. You need to be interesting, exciting, add thrill to your content. Facts and opinions should be widely separated and identified in detail. The readers would find you more credible if you deliver truths rather than just swing by the book of any work you have made.

2) Researching is wise

Conducting research about what you are writing can help you get to know your work more and be able to relate to it as you have a deeper idea of the content you’d be iterating. Research is key, as the saying goes. It is key to build out your truths, your facts, and even your opinions. If you state out opinions that are far from the truth or reality of things people would wonder if you really have an idea of what you are writing.

3) Be engaging

Engage your readers through your words and means of communication. Talk like you are talking personally to them. As if you are meeting eye-to-eye and are great friends. Talk like they are your friend who needs your advice. Engage in a way that you are viewed as a warm and approachable person. If your blog is about controversies, however, you must enforce impact in your words and yet be engaging. Gossip are sometimes a thing in the world thus, better make sure that your controversial topics are of the truth and still hold respect to whatever or whomever you are talking about.

There you have it. The top three important things to remember to have you passionate and your soul seen through your works! Keep up all the good work and never forget to trust in yourself.

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